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Our company provides efficient international debt collection services.

Debt collection assignments can be placed with our company by email, regular mail or fax. Upon receipt, each claim is carefully reviewed to determine if no additional information or specific instructions are required.

If no further data or instructions are needed, the claim is then cross-referenced against existing and closed accounts to ascertain whether we have had prior experience with the debtor. This enables the collector to consolidate files, and start his initial approach with increased information and leverage on the account.

You will receive our first status report within 10 days of receipt of the claim. That gives the collector time to study your file, contact the debtor and determine his response to the payment demand.

Normally, if payment in full or a reasonable payment schedule cannot be arranged within 30-45 days, the account may be placed, after the creditor's approval, with our affiliate attorney.

Our affiliate attorney first attempts to recover the debt amicably, without resorting to legal action, for approximately 2-3 weeks. If the attorney is unable to secure an amicable settlement, but feels a lawsuit might result in collection, he will recommend accordingly and provide our office with suit requirements and an estimate of court costs. This information is then submitted to your office for approval or rejection. A lawsuit is only filed upon your prior approval.

Collection Fees

Our fees are collected on a contingent basis, that is, retained only out of recoveries (no collection, no fees).

If you wish to receive more information about our collection service and applicable fees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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