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Business Credit Reports.

They represent our main activity.

We consider them essential to the collection and credit departments of a company. They are absolutely necessary to decide whether to open a checking account, extend credit facilities or enter into a business association.

Foreign Orders
Our company also prepares business credit reports in English and Portuguese. Orders from abroad should be accompanied by check in U.S. dollars, to the order of Sintesis S.R.L., drawn on any bank in the United States, preferably in the city of New York.

Payment can also be made through Western Union. Please advise Western Union agent to notify our office at the following telephone number: 54-11-4382-6253

The price of reports is US$100 each. Reports are sent by e-mail or fax within 1-2 weeks after receipt of order.

Supplier Evaluation Reports

They have almost the same characteristics of the previous one, but with a different approach. They cover the analysis of prospective suppliers who need money or raw material in advance so that they can later supply finished products (goods or services).

Consumer Credit Reports

They mainly refer to reports of credits granted to buy consumer durables, such as cars or machinery, where the buyer is a private individual and there is always a pledge.

Furthermore, we have designed a special method to discover hired guarantees, false salary receipts and employment certificates, etc. We personally visit people so that we can more accurately ascertain their apparent economic capacity to pay their debts.

Pre-employment reports.

Experts carry out these reports. They include an environmental inspection of the subject’s place of residence, an investigation of former employers and details of any adverse bank or Court records available.

Inspection of home and office address

Specially useful in the case of consumer credits, in order to verify that the applicant works and lives where he has stated.

Verification of real estate ownership

Useful for real estate guarantees in order to check its legal condition under the different real estate record registers.

Such verification will disclose information on liens, mortgages, family property, ownership deeds, sale advertisements alerts, etc., and consequently, a detailed report is offered.

Bank and Court Records Search

This search reveals bank inhibitions and past and present Court records of an individual or a company.

Although not specifically requested, these inquiries are conducted for any of the above reports.

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